Energy and Exergy Analysis of an Organic Rankine Cycle used for Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil Distillery Waste Heat Recovery for Power Production in Anjouan Island


  •   Malik El’Houyoun Ahamadi

  •   Hery T. Rakotondramiarana


In the ylang-ylang essential oil distillers in Anjouan Island, the used energy is 100% firewood biomass. A large amount of this energy is dissipated in the environment just in the combustion chamber itself. As it turns out, the flue gases in this process take away the most part of it. Thus, in a process of energy efficiency of stills, the present work aims at assessing the possibility to convert the residual heat from the process into electricity. For that purpose, energy and exergy modeling of an organic Rankine cycle was implemented. It was found that a large amount of exergy is destroyed in the evaporator. Similarly, it emerges that the exergy efficiency of the cycle depends on the inlet temperatures of the exhaust gases in the evaporator and on the inlet pressure of the working fluid in the turbine, and that it is much better for low exhaust gas temperatures. At these low values of gas temperatures, it appears that the improvement in exergy efficiency and energy efficiency are linked to the increase in the inlet pressure of the working fluid in the turbine. It follows from the obtained results that the discharged hot water and the residual heat of gases having temperatures ranging from 180°C to 300 °C, could be used for power production which can reach electrical powers between 1.4kW and 4.5kW


Keywords: rsidual heat recovery, modeling, ylang-ylang essential oil distiller, biomass energy conversion


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