Renewable Generation Electric System


  •   Fábio Lucas

  •   João Paulo N. Torres

  •   Carlos A. F. Fernandes

  •   Ricardo A. Marques Lameirinhas


A stable and sustainable energy industry contributes indubitably to the business development, as well as to guarantee the quality of life of a population. However, the economic and social development of insular regions is very vulnerable, due to the high external energetic dependency. Therefore, it is necessary to change the current paradigm of those regions, to take advantage of their endogenous resources to generate electrical energy. The developed work analyses the potential renewable energies (wind and solar) present on the island of Brava, Cape Verde, and assesses its capacity to combine them with an energy storage system that can meet the energetic requirements of the island. The first step consists in the analysis and profiling of the data (energy consumption, solar radiation, wind speed) observed in the island for one year. Simultaneously, several types of storing technologies are analyzed to find the best fitting solution, given the characteristics of the electrical system of the island. The next step consists in the development of a mathematical model, based on LCOE calculus and on the renewable penetration level that determines the optimal mix of power to install of each technology. The results allow to conclude that, despite the inferior solar power generation when compared to the wind power, the most economical solution to the implementation of a 100% renewable system consists of an electricity production park primarily composed by solar powers.

Keywords: Brava Island Case Study, Optics, Photovoltaic Technology, Photovoltaic System, Solar Energy


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